November 2014 Update

Images courtesy of Blodgett Forest Research Station, Kevi Mace, Julie Van Scoy.

Our Environment e-Newsletter, Fall 2014, Volume 3, Issue 4   Berkeley Ranks #1 in Environment/Ecology! We are proud to announce that UC Berkeley has been ranked the top university in Environment/Ecology by the U.S. News & World Report’s inaugural international rankings! In … [Read more...]

A Unique Opportunity: My Trip to the Managed Forests of Japan

Image of students in in Shizuoka University’s forestry field lecture series

By Liam Maier, ESPM Graduate Student, Master of Forestry In September, I traveled to Japan to take part in a two-week long field lecture series hosted by professors and researchers of Shizuoka University. I joined graduate and undergraduate students from China, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, and … [Read more...]

Professor Robert Lane Honored with Hoogstraal Medal

Bob Lane Award Cropped

We are proud to announce that Professor Bob Lane received the Harry Hoogstraal Medal at the 63rd American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene Meeting, which was held in New Orleans in early November. This medal, named after American entomologist and parasitologist Harry Hoogstraal (1917-1986), … [Read more...]

Sprouting from the Ashes


By Robin Bellows, ESPM Graduate Student, Master of Forestry At the end of a long day in the woods, my field partner and I stumbled into a sight both tragic and inspiring: a graveyard of giant trees. Five majestic sequoias, hundreds if not thousands of years old, had succumbed to the joint … [Read more...]

Coexist or Perish, Wildfire Analysis Says

California fire hazard severity zone map.

By Ann Brody Guy, College of Natural Resources BERKELEY — Many fire scientists have tried to get Smokey the Bear to hang up his “prevention” motto in favor of tools like thinning and prescribed burns, which can manage the severity of wildfires while allowing them to play their natural role in … [Read more...]

U.S. News & World Reports Ranks Berkeley #1 in Environment/Ecology


We are proud to announce that UC Berkeley has been ranked the top university in Environment/Ecology by the U.S. News & World Report's inaugural international rankings! In addition to ranking the world's top 500 universities overall and by region and country, this year U.S. News used a separate … [Read more...]

Bringing Forests Into Focus


By Stella Cousins, ESPM Graduate Student Though California’s agricultural and wildland resources are as extensive as they are diverse, 95% of our state’s population lives in cities. While some venture out for hikes and camping trips on the weekends, others have few options to experience the … [Read more...]

October 2014 Update

Fall Our Enviro Header Image

Our Environment e-Newsletter, Fall 2014, Volume 3, Issue 3   Recent Posts from the ESPM Blog   The Biometeorology Lab “Picturing” Carbon Credits in the Restored Wetlands of the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta They say a picture is worth a thousand words. In the case of … [Read more...]

Hunters and Environmentalists: Finding Common Ground


By Luke Macaulay, ESPM Graduate Student My doctoral research focuses on finding practical ways to conserve the rich natural habitats and diverse wildlife that are found on private land. In particular, I research the economic and environmental aspects of recreational hunting, and evaluating … [Read more...]

Where Fire is Working in California

Kate under the lime light_by Stacey Sargent Frederick_cropped

By Kate Wilkin, ESPM Graduate Student As part of the Graduate Training in Cooperative Extension Program, a pilot project in UC Berkeley’s College of Natural Resources, I am “making (my) science matter” to the public while building skills for the workforce (1). During this training, my mentors … [Read more...]