Lauren M. Hallett




2010    MSc in Natural Resources, University of Western Australia

2008    BS in Biology, Yale University


Research Interests

plant community ecology, restoration ecology

Research Description

I am an ecologist interested in how temporal variability shapes plant communities. I care about this in relation to species conservation, and am studying whether precipitation variability drives transient invasion patterns in serpentine prairies. I also care about this in relation to ecosystem services, and am testing whether and to what degree species trade-offs maintain grassland productivity in variable-precipitation environments. I also have a keen interest in restoration ecology, and am leading a team to select and plant species along Strawberry Creek, which cuts through the UC Berkeley campus.

Selected Publications

Hobbs, R. J. and 27 others. In press. Managing the whole landscape: historical, hybrid and novel ecosystems. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment.

Stein, C., L. M. Hallett, W. S. Harpole, K. N. Suding. In press. Evaluating ecosystem services provided by non-native species: An experimental test in California grasslands. PLOS ONE.

Martin, L. J., J. E. Quinn, E. C. Ellis, M. R. Shaw, M. Dorning, C. E. Kraft, L. M. Hallett, N. E. Heller, R. J. Hobbs, E. Law, N. Michel, M. Perring, P. D. Shirey, R. Wiederholt. 2014. Conservation opportunities across the world’s anthromes. Diversity and Distributions 20(7):745-755.

Hallett, L. M., J. S. Hsu, E. E. Cleland, S. L. Collins, T. L. Dickson, E. C. Farrer, K. L. Gross, L. A. Gherardi, R. J. Hobbs, L. Turnbull, K. N. Suding. 2014. Biotic mechanisms of community stability shift along a precipitation gradient. Ecology 95(6): 1693-1700.

Hallett, L. M., R. J. Standish, J. Jonson, and R. J. Hobbs. 2014. Seedling emergence and summer survival after direct seeding for woodland restoration on old-fields in south-western Australia. Ecological Management and Restoration 15(2): 140-146.

Cleland, E.E., S.L. Collins, T.L. Dickson, E.C. Farrer, K.L. Gross, L.A. Gherardi, L.M. Hallett, R.J. Hobbs, J.S. Hsu, K.N. Suding, L. Turnbull. 2013. Sensitivity of grassland plant community composition to spatial versus temporal variation in precipitation. Ecology 94(8): 1687-1696.

Hallett, L.M., S. Diver, M.V. Eitzel, J.J. Olson, B.S. Ramage, H. Sardinas, Z. Statman-Weil, K.N. Suding. 2013. Do we practice what we preach? Goal setting for ecological restoration. Restoration Ecology 21(3): 312-319.

Shackelford, N., R.J. Hobbs, N. Heller, L.M. Hallett, T. Seastedt. 2013. Finding a middle-ground: The native/non-native debate. Biological Conservation 158(2): 55-62.

Hallett, L.M., R.J. Standish, K.B. Hulvey, M.A. Gardener, K.N. Suding, B.M. Starzomski, S.M. Murphy, J.A. Harris. 2013. Toward a conceptual framework for novel ecosystems. Hobbs, R.J., E. Higgs, and C.A. Hall, eds. Novel Ecosystems: when and how do we intervene in the new ecological world order? Wiley-Blackwell.

Eitzel, M.V., S. Diver, H. Sardiñas, L.M. Hallett, J.J. Olson, A. Romero, G.L.T. Oliveira, A.T. Schuknecht, R. Tidmore, and K.N. Suding. 2012. Insights from a cross-disciplinary seminar: 10 pivotal papers for ecological restoration. Restoration Ecology 20(2): 147-152.

La Pierre, K.J., S. Yuan, C. Chang, M.L. Avolio, L.M. Hallett, T.K. Schreck, and M.D. Smith. 2011. Explaining temporal variation in above-ground productivity in a mesic grassland: the role of climate and flowering. Journal of Ecology 99(5): 1250-1262.

Hallett, L.M., R.J. Standish, and R.J. Hobbs. 2011. Seed mass and summer drought survival in a Mediterranean-climate ecosystem. Plant Ecology 212(9): 1479-1489.

Hobbs, R.J., L.M. Hallett, P.R. Ehrlich, and H.A. Mooney. 2011. Intervention ecology: applying ecological science in the 21st century. Bioscience 61(6): 442-450.  


Honors and Awards

2013-2015      National Science Foundation Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant

2013-2014      Philomathia Graduate Fellowship in the Environmental Sciences

2010-2012      Chancellor’s Fellowship for Graduate Study, UCB

2008                Fulbright Scholar to Australia

2008                Edgar J. Boell Prize for excellence in biology, Yale University

Recent Teaching

ESPM 187 Restoration Ecology - Graduate Student Instructor

Contact Information


Office: 142 Hilgard Hall

Lab Phone: (512) 642-1334


Mailing Address

Dept of Environmental Science, Policy, & Management
UC Berkeley
130 Mulford Hall #3114
Berkeley, CA 94720