Steelhead trout lose out when water is low in wine country

Juvenile steelhead trout, shown here in a small stream pool, are hit hard when water levels are low. (Ted Grantham photo)

BERKELEY — The competition between farmers and fish for precious water in California is intensifying in wine country, suggests a new study by biologists at the University of California, Berkeley. … [Read more...]

Graduate student Thomas Azwell’s research spurred by Gulf oil spill

Thomas Azwell is testing bagasse-filled growth tubes as a clean medium for marsh plants in the Bay Jimmy Restoration Project in Louisiana. (Photo by Gavin Garrison)

BERKELEY — A graduate student at the University of California, Berkeley’s College of Natural Resources, deeply influenced by the Deepwater Horizon disaster, is helping to restore the Gulf’s blackened marshes with a project that could also aid threatened ecosystems nationwide, including in Northern … [Read more...]

Berkeley Initiative awarded $2.5 million from Moore Foundation


The Berkeley Initiative in Global Change Biology (BiGCB) was recently awarded a $2.5 million dollar grant by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation.  The grant funds seven major projects and involves the participation of faculty members in eight departments including ESPM faculty George Roderick, … [Read more...]

Gene sleuths trace tree-killing pathogen back to California

A row of Italian cypress trees near Siena, a city in Italy's Tuscany region. A number of trees show symptoms of cypress canker disease. Researchers have traced the origin of the pathogen responsible for the disease back to California. (Photo by Robert Danti, Italian National Research Council)

BERKELEY — A new study by UC Berkeley and Italian researchers spotlights the hazards of planting trees and other vegetation in regions where they are not native. … [Read more...]

There’s something in the California air


UC scientists built and worked in towers as part of the largest single atmospheric research effort in the state. The data they've collected will guide policymakers dealing with air pollution. … [Read more...]

Ecosystems take hard hit from loss of top predators

Image of predator and prey

A paper reviewing the impact of the loss of large predators and herbivores high in the food chain confirms that their decline has had cascading effects in marine, terrestrial and freshwater ecosystems throughout the world. … [Read more...]