Talks will be done in person or remotely in the upstairs room of the David Brower Center. All students talks, as well as the keynote, will be available remotely via this Zoom link.

8:30am Check-in, refreshments

9:00am Welcome statement from Dean David Ackerly

9:10am Robert Parks, “Cause and effect web or food web?: The Eel River ecological food web”

9:30am Jim LaChance, “Conflict and Change: Livelihood Transitions in New England and Pacific Groundfish Communities”

9:50am Joshua Arnold, “Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services in Urban Agroecosystems: Evaluating Local and Landscape Effects on Parasitic Hymenoptera and Biological Control Services in Urban Agriculture”

10:10am Coffee Break

10:20am Yutong Liang, “Emissions of Particulate Matter and Volatile Organic Compounds from Wildfires and their Air Quality Impacts”

10:40am Hudson Northrop, “Drought-induced Snag Dynamics and Fuel Succession in the Sierra Nevada”

11:00am Keynote speaker, Dr. Rebecca Johnson

12:00pm RCNR Albright Lecture, Climate Justice & the Question of Reparations (Golden Theater downstairs or virtually)

1:30pm Lunch on the terrace

2:00pm Science Through Story workshop, Inclusive Science Storytelling

3:00pm Sabrina Chui, “Using Gap-Based Silviculture to Increase Snowpack”

3:20pm Sebasti├ín Rubiano-Galvis, “The Global Politics of Mercury Elimination in Colombia’s Artisanal Gold Mining Sector”

3:40pm Becca Brunner, “Acoustic Space in Natural and Working Landscapes: Implications for Amphibian Conservation”

4:00pm Break

4:10pm Chelsea Andreozzi, “Investigating Coast Redwood Forests as Refugia for Bats Under Global Change”

4:30pm Chippie Kislik, “The Good, the Bad, the Algae: Using High Resolution Imagery to Detect Freshwater Algal Blooms in California

4:50pm Phoebe Parker-Shames, “The grad school high life: getting through the weeds”

5:00pm Awards reception & closing remarks from ESPM Chair Paolo D’Odorico

5:15pm Reception with appetizers & drinks

6:30pm End of day!