Sustainability Summer: Courses and Certificates*

The Department of Environmental Science, Policy, and Management offers a wide range of summer courses that equip students with the knowledge and skills needed to solve pressing local and global environmental challenges.  In addition, starting this summer (2020) we are offering two new summer certificates  students (for non-UC) in Land & Water Management as well as Sustainable Food.  A certificate requires three class (9-12 units) and can be obtained in one summer. While there are no formal prerequisites some college level mathematics knowledge is useful for the quantitative element of the three courses. 

*Certificates are only open to non-UC students and will not appear on any official transcript.

Sustainable Food Certificate

Sustainably feeding the world requires transforming our food systems. The food systems of the 21st century must simultaneously increase access to nutritious, culturally appropriate, and affordable food while also increasing sustainability and equity in food production.  Through hands-on-learning, the three courses of the Sustainable Food Certificate give students the interdisciplinary knowledge to tackle this critical challenge.

  • From Farm to Table: Food Systems in a Changing World (ESPM 5)
  • Sustainable Water and Food Security (ESPM 177A)
  • Urban Garden Ecosystems (ESPM 117)

Land & Water Management Certificate

In the coming decades the negative impacts of climate change and environmental degradation on societies and ecosystems will only intensify.  Addressing these challenges requires training in the social, economic, and environmental aspects of environmental problems and solutions. The three-course sequence of the Land & Water Management Certificate provides students with the foundational interdisciplinary knowledge needed to develop solutions to complex environmental challenges.  

  • Required Course: Resource Management (ESPM 102c)
  • Policy Elective (select one of the following)
    • Environmental Policy, Administration, and Law (ESPM 60)
    • Climate and Energy Policy (ESPM 102D)
    • International Environmental Politics (ESPM 169)
  • Field Elective (select one of the following)
    • Urban Garden Ecosystems (ESPM 117)
    • Sustainable Water and Food Security (ESPM 177A)
    • Principles of Conservation Biology (ESPM c103)
    • Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (ESPM 72)

For course descriptions and schedule, visit the UC Berkeley Course Catalog and Schedule of Classes.  International students are encouraged to apply welcome! Please visit the Summer Sessions International Homepage.

Why earn a Summer Certificate?

Spending a summer at Berkeley is a great way to gain a working understanding of cutting-edge approaches to environmental problem-solving and to learn alongside a cohort of exceptionally passionate students. By enrolling in the Summer Certificate Program you will have the chance to learn from world-class faculty while at the same time gaining marketable skills and living in the San Francisco Bay Area – a global hub of innovation, technology, and culture. Completing an ESPM Summer Certificate will give you the environmental knowledge and interdisciplinary skills needed for today's job market. 

Instructions for Obtaining a Certificate (non-UC students only)

  1. Begin by choosing your courses and enrolling now via Berkeley Summer Sessions to hold your place.
  2. Please fill out the Intent to Complete an ESPM Summer Certificate form by June 19, 2020.
  3. Finally, complete and email the Completion of Summer Certificate form  by August 31 for 2020.

Individual Course Offerings

UC and non-UC students may also choose to take any of the courses listed below (as well as those previous listed) based on individual interests or degree requirements as allowable by their home institution.

  • Introduction to Environmental Sciences (ESPM 15)
  • Introduction to Culture and Natural Resource Management (ESPM 50AC)
  • Environmental Philosophy and Ethics (ESPM 161)
  • Environmental Health and Development (ESPM c167)

For course descriptions and schedule, visit the UC Berkeley Course Catalog and Schedule of Classes.  International students are encouraged to apply welcome! Please visit the Summer Sessions International Homepage.

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