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Professors Rosenblum and Brashares

2015 GSA Faculty Mentor Award Goes to Justin Brashares and Bree Rosenblum

The ESPM Graduate Student Association’s (GSA) Faculty Mentor Award is given each year to a faculty member with outstanding commitment to mentoring and helping graduate and … [Read More]


Chryl Natasha Elaine Corbin Honored with ESPM 2015 Distinguished Service Award

At the 2015 Graduate Student Symposium, the ESPM Graduate Student Association honored PhD student Chryl Natasha Elaine Corbin with the ESPM Distinguished Service Award. This … [Read More]

Whendee Silver

Silver Lab Receives Innovation Award from American Carbon Registry 

The American Carbon Registry recently presented their innovation award to the four entities that developed a first-of-a-kind carbon offset methodology to quantify emissions … [Read More]

Scientists warn that humans have been depleting soil nutrients at rates that are orders of magnitude greater than our current ability to replenish it. They say that fixing this imbalance is critical to global food security over the next century.

Human security at risk as depletion of soil accelerates, scientists warn

By Sarah Yang, UC Berkeley Media Relations  Berkeley — Steadily and alarmingly, humans have been depleting Earth's soil resources faster than the nutrients can be … [Read More]

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