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This male golden-winged warbler is carrying a geolocator on its back (appears black with white light sensor) and identification bands on its legs. (Photo by Gunnar Kramer)

Sensing Distant Tornadoes, Birds Flew the Coop. What Tipped Them Off?

By Sarah Yang, UC Berkeley Media Relations BERKELEY — When birds unexpectedly flee their nesting grounds, it may be a demonstration of Mother Nature’s early-warning system … [Read More]


Request for Applications: Graduate Training in Cooperative Extension

The University of California's Division of Agriculture & Natural Resources is now requesting applications for the Graduate Training in Cooperative Extension Pilot … [Read More]

Picture of labor mural in the World Trade Organization's main building.

Can the WTO Go Green?

By David Winickoff, ESPM Professor This summer, with only a rushed coffee for breakfast, I found myself in the glass guard station in front of the World Trade Organization. … [Read More]


Can Organic Crops Compete With Industrial Agriculture?

A new study representing a collaboration across several ESPM lab groups has found that organic farming is much more productive than commonly perceived. Led by graduate … [Read More]

The campanile and San Francisco Bay at night

ESPM Seeks Applications for 5 Academic Positions

The Department of Environmental Science, Policy, and Management is a community of scholars from the biological, physical, and social sciences who endeavor to understand and … [Read More]

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