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Gradfest: May 2, 2014

This year's annual Graduate Research Symposium (May 2 at the David Brower Center) is not to be missed! The day's events will feature research presentations from graduating … [Read More]

Image of a tree killed by sudden oak death syndrome.

Will It Live or Die? Researchers Develop Biomarkers to Manage Impact of Sudden Oak Death

ESPM's Brice McPherson and David Wood, working with researchers from The Ohio State University, have made exciting progress towards protecting forests from sudden oak death … [Read More]

Image of Chris Mooney speaking at UC Berkeley

2014 Hans Jenny Memorial Lecture: Chris Mooney on “The Science of Why We Don’t Believe in Science”

Journalist Chris Mooney's lecture discusses the science of science denial at play in American culture. Mooney is the author of four books, including Unscientific America … [Read More]


Video: ESPM Fungi Foragers

Check out this video about mushroom foraging in the Bay Area, featuring ESPM graduate student Sydney Glassman and ESPM professor Tom Bruns. If you'd like to try mushroom … [Read More]

Kit foxes on the Carrizo Plain.

California’s Endangered Serengeti: Drought Could Wipe Out Key Wildlife on Carrizo Plain

The recent rains aside, the drought bedeviling California still is expected to be the worst in 500 years and will change the way Californians live and work—but not just the … [Read More]

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