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Professor Steven Beissinger named AAAS Fellow

Professor Steven Beissinger is among 347 new fellows named to the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) today. Election as a AAAS Fellow is an honor … [Read More]

Fungal Spore Bank Regenerates Forests

Illuminating data from the Rim Fire An extensive study by an ESPM graduate student has found that a rich, fungal spore bank under the devastating Rim Fire two years ago … [Read More]

New research in rural China may help improve drinking water quality and reduce air pollution

Alasdair Cohen’s collaboration with the China CDC allowed him to conduct the first known research study on household water treatments in China. By Julie Van Scoy For … [Read More]

Professor Scott Stephens visits Washington D.C. for Fire Chiefs White House Roundtable

ESPM professor and fire scientist Scott Stephens visited the White House earlier this week as a speaker in the Fire Chiefs White House Roundtable on Climate Change Impacts at … [Read More]

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