De Master Group

Sociology and political ecology of agriculture, agrarian change, rural livelihoods, farmland financialization, agri-environmental policy, food justice/sovereignty movements, heritage and terroir, diversified farming systems, participatory mapping
Political Ecology of Agriculture; Agri-Environmental Policy; Theories of Race, Culture, and State Power; U.S. Settler Colonialism and Imperialism; Migration; Transnational American Studies; Comparative Ethnic Studies
Sociology of agriculture and food, environmental justice, workers’ rights, global supply chains, social change
Sociology and ecology of food systems; interdisciplinary and participatory research methods; outreach and extension
agricultural landscapes, ecology, digital sensing technologies, modern and contemporary political and social thought
Environmental Justice; Political Ecology; Environmental History; Ecowomanism; Feminist Philosophy of Science; Science, Technology and Society Studies (STS); Community Geography; Participatory Mixed Method Research; Urban Greenspace Management; Black Vegetarianism; Ethnobotany; Urban Agriculture; Food Justice; Climate Justice; Coastal Resource Management; Transcultural Ecological Knowledge
Diversified Food Systems, Science and Technology Studies (STS), Political Ecology