O'Neill Group

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Global environmental politics and governance, global political economy, wastes, waste trade and the circular economy, climate change politics, activism and social movements
Food systems; Natural resource management; Indigeneity, race & difference;
Sustainability, Climate Change, Economic Development, International Organizations.
Food Safety Regulation, Sustainable Agriculture, California Agriculture, UK Agriculture, Agroecology, Multifunctional Agriculture, Standards, Organic Agriculture
political economy of energy and extractive industries; resource governance; mining, oil, & gas; Madagascar
International Political Economy and the Environment; Globalization and Multinational Corporations; Socially Responsible Investment; Corporate Social Responsibility; Environmental Justice
Environmental law and policy, political ecology, socio-legal studies, global environmental governance, science and technology studies (STS), Latin America, Colombia
Marine Fisheries, Food Security, Sustainability Science, Conflict Studies, Governance, Africa