Christy M. Getz

Associate Cooperative Extension Specialist


Research Interests

Ethics, history, politics, rural development

Research Description

As a Cooperative Extension Specialist in the Division of Society and Environment, I conduct research and extension that link natural resource-dependent people, activities, enterprises and organizations in California with teaching and research programs in ESPM. Specifically, I conduct applied research and outreach that promote socially-just sustainable development in California. My program is focused on the following areas:

  1. Community and economic development in natural resource dependent communities
  2. Social justice and labor in natural resource dependent industries
  3. Sustainable food systems and community food security

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Selected Publications

Getz, Christy and Keith Warner. In press. “Integrated farming systems and pollution prevention strategies stimulate new extension practice.” Journal of Extension.Shreck, Aimee, Christy Getz and Gail Feenstra. In press. “Social Sustainability, Farm Labor, and Organic Agriculture: Findings from an Exploratory Analysis.” Agriculture and Human Values.Shreck, Aimee, Christy Getz and Gail Feenstra. Winter-Spring 2005. "Farmworkers in Organic Agriculture: Towards a Broader Notion of Sustainable Agriculture" The Newsletter of the University of California Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program. Davis, CA: UC Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources. Vol. 17, No. 1: pp. 1-3.

Ballard, Heidi, David Pilz, Eric T. Jones and Christy Getz. 2005. Training Curriculum for Scientists and Managers: Broadening Participation in Biological Monitoring. Institute for Culture and Ecology.

Davis, Andrea and Christy Getz. February 2005. Worker Training in the Watershed Restoration Industry of Humboldt County, California: A report to explore opportunities training watershed restoration workers. Alliance for Sustainable Jobs and the Environment.

Ganapathy, Sujatha, Christy Getz and Shelia Bliss-Duffy. January 2005. A Framework for Understanding Food Insecurity: An Anti-Hunger Approach, A Food Systems Approach. Berkeley, CA: UC Center for Weight and Health. 114 pp.

Getz, Christina and Aimee Shreck. 2004. "The Price of Certification: An exploration of the 'Hidden Costs' to Labor, Communities and the Environment." Paper presented at the 67th Annual Meeting of the Rural Sociological Society. Sacramento, California.

Shreck, Aimee and Christina Getz. 2004. "Social Justice and Sustainable Agriculture: The 'Labor Question' and the Organic Agriculture Movement in California." Paper presented at the 67th Annual Meeting of the Rural Sociological Society. Sacramento, California.

The Economic Impact of Solano County's Agricultural Industry. December 2003. Division of Agriculture and Natural Resource, UC Cooperative Extension.

Buck, Daniel, Christy Getz and Julie Guthman. 1997. "Organic Farming: Social Movement or Capitalist Appropriation?" Sociologia Ruralis. Volume 37: 3-20.

Buck, Daniel, Christy Getz and Julie Guthman. 1996. "Consolidating the CommodityChain: Organic Farming and Agribusiness in Northern California." Institute for Food and Development Policy, Oakland, CA, 1996.


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Office: 130A Giannini Hall

Office Phone: 510-642-8681


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