Erica N. Spotswood

Postdoctoral Researcher



  • PhD University of California, Berkeley - 2011
  • BS Binghamton University - 2000

Research Description

I am currently a postdoctoral scholar in Katharine Suding’s lab at the University of California, Berkeley. I am an ecologist interested in how species interactions structure plant communities. Much of my research has focused on how species invasions are affected when introduced species interact with other organisms. I am also interested in broad community processes such as facilitation, community stability, and biodiversity.

For more information, visit my research website.

Selected Publications

Spotswood E.N., J.Y. Meyer, J.W. Bartolome. 2012. Abundance of invasive trees alters the structure of seed dispersal networks in French Polynesia.Journal of Biogeography. 39: 2007-2020

Spotswood E.N., K. Roesch Goodman, J. Carlisle, D. Humple, R. Cormier and J. Rosseau, S. Guers, G. Barto n.2012. How safe is mist netting? Evaluating the risk of injury and mortality to birds. Methods in Ecology and Evolution. 3(1):29-38 (See press coverage here:

Wilcox R.*, E. N. Spotswood. 2011. Introduced predators and seabird predation on Moorea, French Polynesia. Notornis. 58:39-42

Spotswood E.N. 2010. Dispersal of Miconia calvescens by birds in the Society Islands (French Polynesia). Proceedings of the International Conference on Miconia Control. Eds. Loope, L.L., Meyer, J.Y., Hardesty, B.D., Smith, C.W. Maui Invasive Species Committee and Pacific Cooperative Studies Unit, University of Hawaii and Manoa, Honolulu

Spotswood E.N., and J.Y. Meyer. 2009. Interactions between plants and avian frugivores in the Society Archipelago, (French Polynesia). Proceedings of the 11th Pacific Science Inter-Congress. Tahiti,French Polynesia

Spotswood E.N., K.L. Bradley and J.M.H. Knops. 2002. Effects of herbivory on the reproductive effort of 4 prairie perennials.BMC Ecology 2:2

* Mentored undergraduate author

Recent Teaching

  • Introduction to Analysis of Ecological Data
  • Introduction to Environmental Sciences
  • Biology and geomorphology of tropical islands

Contact Information


Office: 147 Hilgard Hall

Lab Phone: 510-642-1334


Research Group(s)

Mailing Address

Dept of Environmental Science, Policy, & Management
UC Berkeley
130 Mulford Hall #3114
Berkeley, CA 94720