Lynn Huntsinger

Professor of Rangeland Ecology and Management

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  • Ph.D. Wildland Resource Science, University of California, Berkeley, 1989
  • M.S. Rangeland Science, University of California, Berkeley, 1983
  • B.A. Chinese Studies: Modern History, University of California, San Diego, 1979

Research Interests

Rangeland conservation and management, see

Research Description

Whether the topic is Inner Mongolian herders or California ranchers, extensive livestock production on rangelands requires negotiation between demand for a relatively predictable flow of products and the inherent unpredictability of an arid rangeland environment. There are property and social relations, practices, and values that are widespread among pastoralists and ranchers that reflect adaptation to the disequilibrium dynamics of the resource base upon which they depend. My work seeks to understand these factors as part of socio-ecological systems, with the goal of learning how long-term, sustainable management of rangelands can be created, and of contributing to the growing body of literature and theory surrounding the concept of socio-ecological systems. This concept is not uncontroversial, but I find it appealing as rangeland ecologist and manager who must look at social relations in order to understand the structure and function of agro-ecosystems like rangelands used for livestock production.

Ongoing studies include research on oak woodland landowners and management in California and Spain, land fragmentation and conservation in oak woodlands, and participatory management strategies. I am a team leader for the Sierra Nevada Adaptive Management Project, working with the Forest Service and state agencies to restore forest "health." I continue to pursue lines of inquiry and theory I have found useful to my work: ecological models for disequilibrium systems as tools to understand the linkages between human relationships and ecological change; work in political ecology founded in basic notions of who (or what) wins and who (or what) loses in struggles over access to natural resources; and adaptive management as arbitrator in landscape and resource management.

Current Projects

  • Environmental Leadership Pathway
  • Sierra Nevada Adaptive Management Program
  • California Landowner Survey
  • BIE Rangeland Roundtable: Carbon and Rangelands
  • NSF Emergent Wetlands in California Working Landscapes
  • Working Landscapes:  Spanish Dehesas and California Ranches310012_print.indd

Selected Publications

Huntsinger, L. accepted. Interpreting rangeland degradation in the United States. Chapter in edited volume, Behnke, R. editor, Desertification: science, politics and public perception.

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Honors and Awards

  • UCB 2014 GSI Mentoring Award
  • How Students Learn Fellowship to support 300 level pedagogy courses 2013
  • Li Ka Shing Research Grant for Women in Science - 2012
  • Range Manager of the Year - Society for Range Management, California Section - 2007
  • 2005 Exceptional Service Award - College of Natural Resources - 2005
  • Distinguished Teaching Award - College of Natural Resources - 2003
  • Distinguished Paper (with Richard L. Standiford) - World Forestry Congress - 2003
  • Exceptional Contribution - Society for Range Management, California Section - 2002
  • Fellow, 1990-1, 1991-2 & 1997-8 - Center for American Cultures, UC Berkeley - 1997
  • Fellow - Society for Women Geographers - 1986

Recent Teaching

  • ESPM 375: Teaching in ESPM
  • C11 - Americans and the Global Forest Course site
  • 186 - Management and Conservation of Rangeland Ecosystems Course site
  • 279 - Seminar on Pastoralism
  • 280 - Seminar in Range Ecosystem Planning and Policy: Management models for public lands
  • H196 - Honors research

Professional Certifications

Certified California Rangeland Manager

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Office: 313 Hilgard Hall; Lab: 10 Hilgard Hall

Office Phone: 510-685-1884


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Spring 2015:  By appointment.

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