Program 2023

2023 GradFest Program

The ESPM Graduate Research Symposium was streamed LIVE on our department Youtube Channel, and video recordings are available now! Click below to view the schedule of the day.

Student Speakers

Eren Bilir

Ph.D. Advisor: Inez Fung

Rosana Galindo

Ph.D. Advisor: Daniel Sanchez

Ben Goldstein

Ph.D. Advisor: Perry De Valpine

Jessica Heiges

Ph.D. Advisor: Kate O’Neill

Alexandra Kahn

Ph.D. Advisor: Rodrigo Almeida

Ansel Olive Klein

Ph.D. Advisor: Tim Bowles

Noriko Kusumi

Ph.D. Advisor: Kate O’Neill

Courtenay Ray

Ph.D. Advisor: Ben Blonder

Emma Steigerwald

Ph.D. Advisor: Rosemary Gillespie & Rasmus Nielsen

Keynote Speaker

Ignacio Chapela

Faculty, Dept. of Environmental Sciences, Policy, and Management

Ignacio Chapela is a microbial ecologist and mycologist at the University of California, Berkeley. He is best known for a 2001 paper in Nature on the flow of transgenes into wild maize populations, as an outspoken critic of the University of California’s ties to the biotechnology industry, as well as a later dispute with the University over denial of tenure that Chapela argued was politically motivated. Chapela is also notable for his work with natural resources and indigenous rights.

“Visibility is such a great obsession with us, humans! But the world knows little about that. Think about it: how long has the eye–as a biological structure– been around? And what does it really help with, for all its beautiful and mysterious construction? For organisms like us, who move in the curiously-ordered universe of meter-scale, specific shapes mean much, often the difference between life and death (think of our acuteness in detecting minor shape changes in someone’s face); but for most of life, who operate at time- and space-scales very different to ours? Do they care about the visibility of things?”

Read more on The Laboratory of Microbial Ecology website.