Graduate Students
conservation planning, connectivity science, landscape ecology, wildlife management
Evolutionary Ecology, Behavioral Ecology, Pheromones, Spider Biology
Soil biogeochemistry, ecosystem ecology, land use change
Political Ecology of Agriculture; Agri-Environmental Policy; Theories of Race, Culture, and State Power; U.S. Settler Colonialism and Imperialism; Transnational American Studies; Comparative Ethnic Studies
Grazing Management, Ecosystems Services from Working Rangelands
Science and Technology Studies (STS), Political Ecology, Public Policy
Prescribed fire as a management technique for threshold reversal in medusahead
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Food systems; Natural resource management; Indigeneity, race & difference;
Spatial ecology; ecological modeling; climate change; extinction risk; host-parasite interactions
Molecular dynamic simulations, aqueous speciation/surface complexation, surface geochemistry, bioadsorption
Food systems, environmental justice, social inequalities
Restoration Ecology, Plant Community Ecology, Wetland Ecology, Science Education
Sustainability, Climate Change, Economic Development, International Organizations.
Race, Class, Green Spaces, Gentrification, Urban Political Ecology, Urban Planning, Media, and Science Fiction (Futurism/Utopian/ Dystopian/Speculative)
plant stress, forest community ecology, silviculture, urban-rural interfaces, cultural landscapes, and environmental history
stand dynamics, silviculture, forest ecology, disturbance ecology
tropical conservation, deforestation, land use change, smallholder mining
Disease Ecology; Computational Modeling; Biological Conservation
Environmental Justice, GIS, Public Health, Urban Health Equity, Race & Identity
Food Safety Regulation, Sustainable Agriculture, California Agriculture, UK Agriculture, Agroecology, Multifunctional Agriculture, Resilience
historical ecology, forestry, change mapping, climate change
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Indirect Interactions, Parasitoid Food Webs and Dispersal in Disturbed Landscapes, Host Selection
Behavioral Ecology, Phenotipic Plasticity, Tropical Biology, Animal Communication and Cognition, Spiders, Harvestmen
Soil isotope geochemistry, biogeochemistry, astrobiology, soil science, ecosystem science, surface processes
Designated Emphasis in Science and Technology Studies (STS); science policy; climate and energy politics and policy.
Forest pathology, forest mycology, microbial ecology, how it all works
Fungal ecology, mycology
Atmospheric Science, Air Quality, Field Measurements
Wildlife ecology, ecological modeling, animal behavior, human-wildlife conflict, population genetics.
Systematics; Coleoptera; Behavior; Microscopy
ecosystem ecology, soil biogeochemistry, plant ecophysiology, tropical forest ecology
conservation biology, landscape genomics, ecological genomics
Biometeorology, ecosystem ecology, land use change, climate policy
nomadic pastoralism; rangeland ecology and management; international development
Range Management, Disturbance Ecology, GIS, Vegetation Change
Aquatic ecology, hydrology, pesticide ecotoxicology, sustainable agriculture
Carbon sequestration dynamics in forested ecosystems
agrarian change & livelihoods, land use & cover change, interdisciplinary research design & methods, environmental policy assessment & analysis
freshwater ecology, conservation management, eco-evolutionary dynamics
spiders and spider outreach, adaptive radiations, evolutionary ecology
Agroecology, Soil Science, Remote Sensing & GIS
political economy of energy and extractive industries; resource governance; mining, oil, & gas; Madagascar
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Urban Wildlife
Global Metropolitan Studies, Political Ecology, Science and Technology Studies
California mixed-conifers, carbon sequestration, disturbance ecology
Population Genetics of Phytophthora ramorum (causal agent of Sudden Oak Death)
Fire, GIS, and LiDAR
Evolutionary biology and ecology of reptiles and amphibians. Convergent evolution.
agroecology, conservation biology, landscape ecology, wildlife ecology & management
Population Connectivity, Biogeography, New Guinea Diving Beetles, Next Generation Sequencing
Forest ecology, community ecology, restoration ecology, ecological modeling
soil quality, water quality, contaminant transport, mine tailings, phytoremediation, mathemathical models
Political Ecology, Transnational Land Acquisitions, Chinese rubber investments in Laos
Community Ecology, Global Change Ecology, Conservation Biology, Tropical Rainforests, Wildlife Ecology
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spatial ecology
Renewable Energy, Wind Power, Climate Change, Environmental Impact, Biodiversity Conservation, Environmental Governance, Interdisciplinary Research, Latin America, Mexico.
Soil bioremediation; Urban agriculture
Biogeochemistry, carbon cycle, soil, land-use/management, climate change
My main interests relate to the biogeochemical controls on greenhouse gas fluxes from soil and the methods used to extrapolate in situ flux measurements across larger scales.
surface chemistry, crystal growth and fluid-rock interactions, biogeochemical cycling
Mapping spatial patterns of change, coastal resilience, natural resource conservation, ecosystem services in a changing climate, environmental policy
Agroecology and diversified farming systems
Conservation biology, Agroecology, Wildlife ecology, Landscape ecology, Climate change.
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Chemical Ecology
microbial ecology, carbon cycling and stabilization in soils, and the impacts of climate change
Forest management in Russia
Evolutionary ecology, herpetology
political ecology of the body, feminist science and technology studies, environmental justice, fat studies
Ecology, evolution, behavior, conservation, human-wildlife conflict
agricultural landscapes, ecology, digital sensing technologies, cybernetics, (cartographic) representation, modern and contemporary political and social thought
Women's Transborder Activism on Environmental Justice in the San Diego-Tijuana region
Community-based natural resource management, sustainable mountain livelihoods, international development, tribal/indigenous studies, gender, political ecology, India
Soil biogeochemistry, Estuarine science, Aquatic geochemistry
Technological Change, Industrial History, Chemicals, Energy, Food, Environmental Health, Policy Studies
Behavioral Ecology, Evolution, Sexual Selection, Jumping Spiders
Environmental Justice; Political Ecology; Environmental History; Ecowomanism; Feminist Philosophy of Science; Science, Technology and Society Studies (STS); Community Geography; Participatory Mixed Method Research; Urban Greenspace Management; Black Vegetarianism; Ethnobotany; Urban Agriculture; Food Justice; Climate Justice; Coastal Resource Management; Transcultural Ecological Knowledge
Range ecology
Macroecology, ecological theory, evolution on islands
Water-Energy-Food Nexus, energy production, global environmental change and human use of natural resources.
Environmental law and policy, political ecology, socio-legal studies, global environmental governance, science and technology studies.
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Biogeochemistry, wetlands, contaminants, bioremediation
Marine Fisheries, Food Security, Sustainability Science, Conflict Studies, Governance, Africa
Climate change adaptation, conservation, globalization, international political institutions, land use change, modeling, political ecology, remote sensing applications
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Lake benthic macroinvertebrate assemblages, barcoding for applications in biomonitoring, genetics of mayflies, aquatic ecology
Biodiversity conservation, landscape genomics, movement ecology
Political ecology, science & technology studies, environmental politics & governance, institutional ethnography
microbial ecology, landscape ecology, soils, GIS & statistics
Invasion Ecology, Population Ecology, Ecological Risk Assessment
Wild Bee Conservation & Ecology, Sustainable Agriculture
Political Ecology, Feminist Science and Technology Studies, Queer Studies, Settler-Colonial Studies, Critical Natural History, Museum Studies, Pacific Northwest
Social Evolution. Ecology of social organisms.
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Fire ecology
Critical Race Theory, Industrial Ecology, Political Ecology, Agroecology
Range ecology and management, endangered species, environmental policy, invasive weed management
Freshwater ecology, ecological modeling, migratory patterns
Land tenure, payment for ecosystem services, REDD+, common-pool resource governance, Colombia
Widlife movement ecology; Willife-Landscape-Human interactions; Geospatial teniques; Ecological modeling;
Herpetology, Evolutionary Ecology, Genomics, Epigenetics
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Theoretical ecology, coexistence, energy distribution, population dynamics, species interaction, MaxEnt
Predictive modeling, statistics, simulations, R
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deforestation in the tropics, social theory, critical ecology