Population Genetics, Biological Control, Hybridization, Plant Insect Interactions
microbial ecology, microbial ecosystem services, green chemistry, science and society, access to research
Remediation and restoration, oil spill response, biomimicry, biodiversity, dissemination of innovation, cognitive development, sustainable agriculture, industrial ecology, corporate sustainability

Freshwater ecology, biological indicators, aquatic entomology, land use and climate change, dragonfly distribution, historical ecolgy
Systematics/Natural HIstory/Entomology/Evolutionary Biology
Science studies, environmental politics, public policy
Biological Control of Insects
Forest ecology and management, carbon allocation and sequestration, clonal regeneration
Freshwater ecology, stream fish communities, watershed land use, urban streams, drought disturbances
My research interests include the ecological and historical roles of fire in the western United States, and addressing relevant management questions. Current research includes shaded fuel break vegetation regrowth according to treatment type and site factors.
Phylogenetics, Population genetics, Drosophila
American Environmental Policy, Politics, and Governance
Natural resource governance with indigenous peoples in Pacific Northwest salmon watersheds
Landscape Ecology, Collaborative Resource Management, Adaptive Management
Indigenous Knowledge, Livelihoods, Gender, Water Resources
quantitative ecology, wildlife ecology, biodiversity, bird song
Microbial diversity and ecology of extreme environments
political ecology, rural livelihoods, human-wildlife conflict, conservation policy, community-based natural resource management, Botswana
Conservation, restoration, community ecology, and environmental management.
community ecology, restoration ecology, rangeland management
Conservation Biology, Pollination Ecology, Invasion Biology
Riparian forest ecology, physical-biological interactions in river systems (e.g., effects of altered disturbance regimes on vegetation dynamics), persistence strategies of pioneer trees, floodplain restoration and water resources management.
Codiversification of a plant-insect mutualism in the Pacific
environmental history, political ecology, race, resilience, nature-society interactions, local ecological knowledge (LEK)
Spider and Grassland Ecology
Global Change Biology, Biological Control, Insect Ecology, Multitrophic Interactions, Marine Biology, Aquaculture and Parasitology
Freshwater Ecology, Fish Ecology, Conservation Biology, Intermittent Streams
Atmospheric Chemistry, Aerosol, Instrumentation
biogeochemistry / environmental chemistry, reactive transport modeling, soil / sediment & water, selenium, environmental policy & management
GIS, spatial analysis, environmental justice, public health, health disparities
Plant ecology, plant ecophysiology, plant water relations
Forest Ecology / Disturbance Ecology
Information and Environmental Governance in Collaborative Management of Public Resources
Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Remote Sensing, Land Use Change, Biofuels
Remote Sensing, GIS, LULC, biodiversity, infectious disease
Behavior and chemical ecology of social insects; cue use in multitrophic interactions; phorid flies; ant associated beetles
Agroecology; Diversified Farming Systems; Multi-functional Agriculture; Political Economy of Agricultural Development
Social movements, civil society, hegemony, articulation, justice, nature, Vietnam, Southeast Asia
Forestry, Forest Genetics
Groundwater Geochemistry of Arsenic
GIS, Forest Health
Lepidoptera (moths); Island Biogeography; Systematics
Geochemical processes occurring at Earth's surface, Application of isotopic techniques to geochemical problems
Bioinformatics, Host-Pathogen Interactions, Evolutionary Genomics
Mima mound-vernal pool ecosystems; bioturbation; geomorphology; GIS
Traditional Ecological Knowledge; Ethnobotany; Range Management; California grassland restoration
Climate Change Impacts on Carbon Storage in Annual Grassland, Nitrogen Deposition Effects on CA Soils
Ethics and politics of sustainability, History and philosophy of sustainability engineering, Politics of Life Cycle Assessment, Social Life Cycle Assessment, Social acceptance of renewable energy, Engineering education for sustainability, Sustainability and justice
Restoration Ecology, Pollination Ecology, Native Bee Conservation, Agrobiodiversity
Population and environment, demography, climate change, family planning, international development, gender, race, medical anthropology, political ecology, science & technology studies, U.S., Africa
Wetland Ecology, Climate Change Modeling
Carbon markets, climate policy, energy access, sustainable development.
Restoration Ecology
Dendroecology, forest biomass, tree demography, forest community ecology, tree neighborhood dynamics, competition, urban ecology
Plant Biogeography, Fire Ecology
Environmental Endocrinology of Wild Primates
Phylogenetics, biogeography, arachnology
Environmental Geochemistry, Biogeochemistry (of soils, oceans and the atmosphere), Stable Isotopes, Nutrient Cycles, Sulfur, Astrobiology, Environmental Education