Chryl Natasha Elaine Corbin Honored with ESPM 2015 Distinguished Service Award

May 13, 2015

At the 2015 Graduate Student Symposium, the ESPM Graduate Student Association honored PhD student Chryl Natasha Elaine Corbin with the ESPM Distinguished Service Award. This award officially recognizes a member of the ESPM community who has worked hard to improve the department.

As president of the Graduate Diversity Council (GDC), Corbin has been instrumental in advocating for departmental diversity. She facilitates productive and revitalizing meetings, and tackles both intellectual and social questions with great integrity, passion, and rigor. From hosting social hours and town halls with the Graduate Student Assembly to community meetings with the division, Corbin has initiated dialogue where there has been none, and strived to do so in innovative ways. Corbin has also served as the liaison between graduate students and faculty and has ensured that the student voice is heard in these meetings. She has been instrumental in creating spaces for dialogue. Through all of these service commitments, Corbin has maintained a positive, constructive, and welcoming outlook.