UC Berkeley's Fall 2021 Plans for Instruction

(Undergraduate students, please see Rausser College Advising for support.)

ESPM Graduate Student Services Office Hours: See staff pages for office hours.

 The staff in ESPM’s Graduate Student Services can offer assistance in many areas, such as:

  • Academic Appointments
  • Admissions
  • Course Scheduling
  • Funding
  • Graduate Division Regulations
  • Student Services

Student record files are kept in the Student Services Office and may be signed out when needed for meetings with Guiding Professor or committee members.

Graduate Student Affairs Officers

Bianca Victorica

 Supports prospective students and graduate students in:

  • Division of Organisms and Environment, ESPM PhD
  • Division of Society and Environment, ESPM PhD
  • Rangeland and Wildlife Management, MS

Ryann Madden

 Supports prospective students and graduate students in:

  • Division of Ecosystem Sciences, ESPM PhD
  • Master of Forestry 


ESPM Graduate Programs Committee (GPC)

Faculty Members

  • Chair – Head Grad Advisor - Rosemary Gillespie
  • Financial Advisor (and O&E representative) - Perry de Valpine
  • S&E Member - (Elizabeth Hoover)
  • ES Member - (Ian Wang)

Student Members

  • O&E representative- Millie Chapman
  • S&E Member- Alexii Sigona
  • ES Member - Rachael Ryan