Graduate Diversity Council 

The ESPM Graduate Diversity Council (GDC) is a graduate student group with a vested interest in the continued diversification of the students and faculty of ESPM. The group promotes and encourages diversity in our application pool, retention and support of existing diversity within our department, and outreach to our diverse communities. We are inclusive in our definition of diversity, which expands beyond racial and gender diversity.  We recognize the importance and legitimacy of all forms of diversity, including but not limited to economic, sexual orientation, age, disability status, veteran status, immigration status, parental status, and historically underrepresented groups in STEM fields. More can be found about the ESPM Graduate Diversity Council page.

Graduate Student Association

All graduate students in ESPM, Forestry, and Range Management are automatically members of the ESPM Graduate Student Association (GSA). This group serves students in both academic and non-academic affairs such as delegating members to represent the graduate students on committees and seminars, encouraging student and faculty interaction through seminars, representing student problems to the faculty and administration, sponsoring and organizing social events, and holding fundraising events such as t-shirt sales. For more information and current representatives, visit the Graduate Student Association page.

Cal Forestry Club

The Forestry Club is composed of undergraduates, graduate students, and faculty. The club sponsors many academic, service, and social activities. The club seeks to promote better management and stewardship of forests, contribute to student professional development, and to provide networking opportunities. Activities include travel to the Society of American Foresters annual convention, logging sports, the annual Christmas tree sale, and frequent “Beer and Beans” gatherings. There is a nominal membership fee.

Society for Conservation Biology

The Berkeley Society for Conservation Biology chapter is composed of undergraduates, graduate students, and faculty, and is affiliated with the Society for Conservation Biology. It encourages interdisciplinary approaches to biological conservation, promotes development of skills needed in conservation, and organizes forums for awareness and involvement in local and global issues. The chapter has monthly meetings, sponsored talks, field trips, and participates in the annual Bay Area conservation symposium. There is a nominal membership fee.

Entomology Student Organization

The Entomology Student Organization encourages fellowship and cooperation among students interested in entomology and related disciplines, organizes educational and social functions, and represents students in the Division of Organisms & Environment in ESPM.

More Organizations on campus

Visit CalLink to find more organizations and groups around campus.