All graduate students in ESPM, Forestry, and Range Management are automatically members of the ESPM Graduate Student Association (GSA). This group serves students in both academic and non-academic affairs such as delegating members to represent the graduate students on committees and seminars, encouraging student and faculty interaction through seminars, representing student problems to the faculty and administration, sponsoring and organizing social events, and holding fundraising events such as t-shirt sales. The GSA holds meetings periodically. Students will find participation in the GSA a good way to learn about current news in the department, and to get acquainted with fellow students. Elected positions in the GSA include chair, secretary, treasurer, and representatives for each academic division in the department (Ecosystem Science, Organisms & Environment, and Society & Environment). Elected and non-elected students volunteer to coordinate social activities such as the first-year orientation camping trip, happy hour, and the annual holiday bake-off (a joint activity with ESPM and the Department of Integrative Biology).

For information on specific GSA role responsibilities, visit the GSA site.

2020-2021 Representatives 

Co-Presidents: Phoebe Parker-Shames & Dylan Beal
Vice President: Mitch Serota
Secretary: Chelsea Andreozzi
Treasurer: Kristin Barker
Social Committee: Emily Chen, Kenzo Esquivel & Rachael Ryan
Grad Student Equity & Inclusion Officer: Ataya Cesspooch
Delegates to the Graduate Assembly: Lucy Andrews & Hana Moidu
Alternate to the Graduate Assembly: Erin Westeen
ES Division Representative: Jessie Moravek
O&E Division Representative: Leke Hutchins
S&E Division Representative: Katherine Wolf
Forestry Division Representative: Carina Bilodeau
ES Liaison to the Graduate Program Committee: Kendall Calhoun
O&E Liaison to the Graduate Program Committee: Aidee Guzman
S&E Liaison to the Graduate Program Committee: Mindy Price
ES Liaison to the Graduate Student Union: Annie Taylor
O&E Liaison to the Graduate Student Union: Dylan Beal
S&E Liaison to the Graduate Student Union: Jessica Heiges
Development Committee Liaisons: Christine Wilkinson, Amy Van Scoyoc, Natalie Graham, & Jessie Moravek
Political Liaisons: Dylan Beal & Whitney Mgbara
ESPM Buddy Program Coordinator: Jessie Moravek
Alumni/ae Chair: Sarah Hartman  

For a list of representatives from previous years, visit the GSA archive page.