UC Gill Tract Summer Short Courses:Indigenous Lifeways and Two-Spirit Medicine, Jul 9

Friday July 09, 2021
About this event

Indigenous Lifeways & Two-Spirit Medicine:

July 9 - 11, 2021

Friday 5pm-7pm: Land and Colonization in the East Bay
Saturday 10am-5pm: Addressing settler colonialism and Indigenous solidarity
Sunday 10am-5pm: Centering two-spirit healing with the land

This course will center Sogorea Te’ Land Trust’s rematration of land at Gill Tract Farm and explain the importance of indigenous land sovereignty to grow traditional food and medicine, hold ceremonies, and create safe spaces. This will include ways that ceremony and prayer can be done in respect to Indigenous people and their practices- including ways that the Gill Tract Farm can work to further honor the land and assist healing for stolen land, stolen people, and stolen lives. This course is primarily intended to be a place for Black and Indigenous two-spirit youth (aged 15-30 years) to convene in community. Within unpacking personal identity, this course will also uplift two-spirit peoples and ways gender identity is intertwined to land stewardship and pathways to healing with land. The topics discussed will be led by members of Sogorea Te’ Land Trust and Indigenous two-spirit folks. PLEASE NOTE: A limited number of scholarships are available to facilitate increased participation of black and indigenous youth. Please apply to participate and/or indicate scholarship interest in the form below. Once we have received your application, we will review

Price: $150
*** Application Deadline to request a scholarship is June 18, 2021 @ 5PM ***

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Gill Tract Website: https://www.gilltractfarm.org/ucb-student-opportunities

This is a part of a three-series event check out more here:https://food.berkeley.edu/programs/community-engagement-edu/gill-tract-s...