Using the ESPM Online Calendar

Events hosted by ESPM groups can be posted on the online ESPM calendar, which is a part of the UC Berkeley Calendar Network. The ESPM online calendar automatically feeds into the ESPM website sidebar listing of events, as well as the list of upcoming events included in every ESPM Weekly eNewsletter. To submit an event, visit the ESPM calendar and choose “submit or edit an event” under the “About the Calendar” section on the left side of the screen. After logging in with your Calnet ID, you will have the option to fill out a form to create an event.

Tips for your calendar submission:

Naming your event: The RSS feed from the online calendar only pulls the event title, so you may want to choose something like “Seminar Series Name: Speaker Name” for your event title. The live calendar usually has some good examples of this.

Sharing your event with other calendars: In the “Calendars That May Publish Your Event” section, you have the option to recommend that other calendars in the calendar network publish your event. Some calendars you might consider include the Rausser College of Natural Resources calendar and the Environmental Events calendar.

Event Series: For weekly event series, we recommend that you submit a separate event for each meeting, including something specific in the title of each (rather than listing it as one recurring event submission). Checking the box “I am adding a series of similar events. Save this event data for my next submission” will make this process easier.

Since the ESPM online calendar is a public calendar viewable by anyone who visits our website, we do not recommend listing group or club meetings here.The online calendar is reserved for events hosted by ESPM, as well as special campus Environmental events. For a list of seminars and lectures hosted by other departments that may also be of interest, visit our events page.