The Hans Jenny Memorial Lecture: Rocks Don't Lie: Noah's Flood and the History of the Earth

May 09, 2013
Dr. David Montgomery

Dr. David Montgomery of the University of Washington will be delivering the annual Hans Jenny Memorial Lecture on Friday, May 10.

Dr. Montgomery is a Professor of Earth and Space Sciences at the University of Washington in Seattle, where he leads the Geomorphological Research Group and is a member of the Quaternary Research Center. He received his B.S. in geology from Stanford University in 1984, and his Ph.D. in geomorphology from University of California, Berkeley in 1991. His research addresses the evolution of topography and the influence of geomorphological processes on ecological systems and human societies. His published work includes studies of the role of topsoil in human civilization, the evolution and near-extirpation of salmon, morphological processes in mountain drainage basins, the evolution of mountain ranges, and the use of digital topography. He has conducted field research in eastern Tibet and the American Pacific Northwest.

In 2008 Dr. Montgomery received a MacArthur Fellowship. His book, Dirt: The Erosion of Civilizations won the 2008 Washington State Book Award in General Nonfiction. His most recent book is The Rocks Don't Lie: A Geologist Investigates Noah's Flood.

Lecture Details:

  • Friday, May 10, 3-4 PM, reception following lecture

  • 159 Mulford Hall, UC Berkeley Campus

  • Free and open to the general public


Lecture Poster: