CA Matters Video: Jennifer Sowerwine on the changing face of California Agriculture

October 01, 2015

During his semester-long residency last spring at the Berkeley Food Institute, best-selling cooking writer and New York Times  food columnist Mark Bittman visited nearby farms, enjoyed California farmers' markets, and met with many Berkeley faculty members and students. In collaboration with the New York Times and UC’s Global Food Initiative, Bittman has released California Matters, a video series on sustainable agriculture and healthy eating.

In this week’s episode, "The Changing Faces of California Agriculture,” Bittman talks with ESPM Cooperative Extension Specialist Jennifer Sowerwine. Sowerwine helps small-scale Hmong and Mien farmers in California’s Central Valley sustain and expand their businesses.

Bittman provides additional commentary about the episode on the New York Times website.

Check out previous episodes on the California Matters youtube channel.