Katharine Milton on the curious case of vitamins and me

March 22, 2016

ESPM professor Katharine Milton was featured in a Canadian TV Show, The Nature of All Things. In the episode, "The Curious Case of Vitamins and Me", filmmaker and health enthusiast Bryce Sage sought to understand the relationship between the body's need for vitamins and the inability to produce them on our own. As part of his research, Sage spoke with professor Katharine Milton to better understand this relationship. In the video, Milton talks about the loss of the ability to synthesize vitamin C in all anthropoids including humans and implications of this loss for humans today and in the recent past. Milton is broadly interested in the dietary ecology of Primates, including human ancestors and modern humans. She has worked extensively on the dietary ecology of a number of indigenous groups in the Brazilian Amazon to document their uses of forest products, both plant and animal, not only as foods but also as medicines.