Book by Seth Holmes recognized by Latin American Studies Association

February 21, 2018

Seth M. Holmes' book, Fruta Fresca, Cuerpos Marchitos: Trabajadores Agricolas Migrantes en Estados Unidos (2017), will receive Premio Iberoamericano Book Award Mención Honorable from the Latin American Studies Association at the XXXVI International Congress in Barcelona, Spain, in May 2018. For this book,  Holmes conducted several years of in-depth ethnographic research with indigenous Mexican migrant farmworkers in labor camps and on farms in the western United States, in their home village in the mountains of Oaxaca, Mexico, and along the border desert of Sonora and Arizona. 

This book analyzes the ways in which social inequities organized around ethnicity, class, and citizenship affect the lives, health and health care of the people who work in this transnational agro-food system. The book delves into the ways in which social and health inequities come to be understood as normal, natural, and deserved as well as the ways in which they are confronted and resisted. Fruta Fresca, Cuerpos Marchitos is the Spanish language edition of Holmes' book, Fresh Fruit, Broken Bodies: Migrant Farmworkers in the United States, which received multiple national awards in anthropology, sociology and geography. 

The Premio Iberoamericano Book Award recognizes outstanding books on Latin America in the social sciences and humanities published in Spanish or Portuguese. Books are chosen based on the quality of research, analysis, and writing, as well as the significance of their contribution to Latin American studies.

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