California Rangeland Trust video celebrates the legacy of ranching in the state

September 07, 2018


Lynn Huntsinger, professor of rangeland ecology and management, is featured in this recent video presented by the California Rangeland Trust. Produced in honor of the organization's 20th Anniversary, the film highlights why ranching and rangeland are vital to California’s environment, future, and quality of life.

"Every day, my students open the paper and there's another environmental problem," says Huntsinger. "When we talk about rangelands, we can offer them solutions, things that people can do, things that are possible. We can combine making a living with with stewardship, sequestering carbon, and maintaining wildlife habitat. It gives the students some hope."

To date, California Rangeland Trust has conserved 320,000 acres of open range in California. For more information, visit the California Rangeland Trust website.