Professor Morello-Frosch Featured in Berkeley Science Review

November 01, 2019
Rachel Morello-Frosch smiling in front of a green background.

The Berkeley Science Review featured Rachel Morello-Frosch, a professor of environmental health and justice, in their monthly STEMinism in the Spotlight series. In the interview, Morello-Frosch describes her research in environmental health and explains how she became involved in California's environmental justice movement. "I was drawn by the ways in which people were really talking about the ways in which racism and discrimination adversely impacts the physical environment of communities of color and the poor," she says. "Not necessarily overtly racist ways, but it’s more the structural, institutional, and procedural discrimination that leads to communities of color and the poor being disproportionately exposed to hazards compared to their white, wealthier counterparts, particularly in the United States. That caught my imagination as a scientist."

Read the full interview on the Berkeley Science Review website.