The ESPM Graduate Diversity Council (GDC) is a graduate student group with a vested interest in the continued diversification of the students and faculty of ESPM.  More information about the GDC can be found on the GDC page and the departmental Equity & Inclusion page

Past Leadership of the Graduate Diversity Council

2022-2023 GDC Leadership

Kenzo Esquivel (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Coordinator, GDC Coordinator)
Rosalie Zdzienicka Fanshel (Anti-Racism Coursework Working Group Lead)
Alexis Flores (Abolition Working Group)
Annie Taylor (GDC Coordinator)
Tyus Williams (Equity and Inclusion Officer, GSA and GDC)

2020-2021 GDC Leadership

 Whitney Mgbara (Head Coordinator)
 Kendall Calhoun (Head Coordinator & Tenure and Hires Working Group Lead)
 Aidee Guzman (Response Working Group Lead)
 Kenzo Esquivel (1:1 Meetings Working Group Lead)
 Ataya Cesspooch (EID Representative & Accountability Working Group Lead)
 Katie Wolf (Rausser Working Group Lead)
 Lucy Andrews (UCPD Working Group Lead)
 Rosalie Zdzienicka Fanshel (Anti-Racism Coursework Working Group Lead)
 Alexandra Kahn (Syllabi and Seminars Working Group Lead)
 Chippie Kislik (Communications/Social Media Working Group Lead)

2019 - 2020 leadership

Whitney Mgbara
Kendall Calhoun
Aidee Guzman
Kenzo Esquivel
Rosalie Z. Fanshel
Lucy Andrews
Katie Wolf
Alexandra Kahn