To update your profile on the ESPM website: 

  • Click the "login" link in the bottom right of the website footer, and enter your calnet credentials to log in.  Note that if you are already logged in to your email in the same browser, you may be logged in without being prompted to enter your calnet credentials. (If you do not have calnet, please email the Web & Communications Specialist to set up your non cal-net account.)
  • After you log in, you will be directed to your profile page. 

Editing your profile

  • After logging in, you will notice that there are two words just above your name: "view" and "edit."
  • Click "edit" to edit your profile information. 
  • Your information is divided into tabbed groups (primary information, research, contact information, Awards). Click among the tabs to edit the information in that category. 
  • When you are done, make sure to hit SAVE at the bottom! 
  • After you hit save, click "view" to see your profile and check your changes

Your profile photo
To change your profile photo, check the box marked "delete picture" to remove the existing picture, and then use the "choose file" button to upload a new picture. After you save, you should see the new photo. *Photos should be at least 320px square.