Extension Specialists

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Land systems science, conservation, environmental economics and policy, coupled human natural systems, GIS applications
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Control of insect pests in agricultural crops
Biological Control and Sustainable Agriculture
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Forest pathology, forest mycology, forest and tree management
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Ethics, history, politics, rural development
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Freshwater ecology, stream hydrology, climate risk assessment
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GIS and remote sensing, historical ecology, drones, spatial data science
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Biology and management of structural and household pests
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Rangeland Conservation & Management
landscape analyses; ecology; management; economics; policy
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Conservation Science
Climate Stewardship
Climate-wise Habitat Connectivity
Working Lands Conservation
Community Science
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Forestry and silviculture
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carbon dioxide removal, bioenergy, California forests, climate policy, energy systems modeling
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Wildlife conservation, human impacts on wildlife, wildlife/urban interface
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Building equitable, economically viable and culturally relevant food systems in metropolitan areas that contribute to healthy communities
Ecological diversity and sustainable livelihoods
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Forest Management
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Climate smart forestry, watershed management, forest management, resource economics
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Oak woodland ecology, human impacts on wildlife
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Pest management of deciduous fruit, nut, and vine crops.