Brashares Group

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Wildlife Ecology, Conservation and Socioeconomics
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Freshwater research and conservation; hydropower development; salmon conservation
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Conservation Biology, Movement Ecology, Predator-Prey Interactions, Community Ecology
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conservation science and policy; wildlife trade and hunting; community-based approach; bat ecology
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My main motivation is developing solutions that help reduce human impacts on the Patagonian steppe, with a specific focus on human-wildlife coexistence in a rapidly changing world. Before starting my master’s at UC Berkeley, I worked with Wildlife Conservation Society – Argentina in different projects involving the implementation of nonlethal deterrents and the study of activity patterns of carnivores, prey species, and livestock in northern Patagonia, in an area with intense conflict with livestock production.
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Carnivore ecology, spatial ecology, human-wildlife conflict, species competition, urban ecology, movement patterns, predation dynamics, community ecology, socio-ecological dynamics