Brashares Group

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Wildlife Ecology, Conservation and Socioeconomics
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conservation planning, connectivity science, landscape ecology, wildlife management
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wildlife ecology, predator-prey interactions, human-wildlife coexistence, conservation biology, coupled human-natural systems
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agroecology, conservation biology, coupled human-natural systems, landscape genetics, movement ecology, wildlife ecology & management, wildlife utilization
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Community Ecology, Conservation Biology, Wildlife Ecology, Tropical Rainforests
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Marine Fisheries, Food Security, Sustainability Science, Conflict Studies, Governance, Africa
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Human-wildlife conflict; conservation biology; wildlife management; participatory mapping; science communication; landscape permeability; remote sensing and GIS
Land tenure, payment for ecosystem services, REDD+, common-pool resource governance, Colombia
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Wildlife ecology and conservation, socio-ecological complexities of human-wildlife conflict, predator-prey interactions, decision support tools for stakeholders