De Master Group

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Sociology of agriculture, rural livelihoods, land access and tenure, farmland financialization, the agriculture of the middle, agroecological/diversified farming systems, terroir, participatory mapping
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agriculture, ecology, soil microbiology, pollination ecology, sociology of agriculture, rural livelihoods, and ecological resilience
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Marine fisheries management; aquaculture; conservation science; agriculture and seafood systems; outreach and extension
Robert A Parks's picture
modern and contemporary thought, history and philosophy of science, ecology, rivers and streams, Eel River (CA)
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Climate change, adaptation, agriculture, rural livelihoods, land access and tenure, beginning and socially disadvantaged farmers, extension, sociology of agriculture, conservation biology and ecology
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Environmental, Climate and Food Justice; Feminist Environmentalism(s); Digital Media and Digital Activism; Community Geography; Blue-Green Infrastructure; Black Feminist and Environmental Anthropology; Gender and Climate Policy; Indigeneity; Feminist Political Ecology; Ecowomanism; Critical Ethnobotany; Mixed Methods; Community-Based Participatory Action Research; Environmental Communication; Civic Engagement and Environmental Activism
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Diversified Food Systems, Science and Technology Studies (STS), Political Ecology