ESPM professor Céline Pallud appointed to the U.S. soil science committee

February 13, 2024
Image of Céline Pallud

Environmental Science, Policy, and Management professor Céline Pallud has been appointed to the U.S. National Committee on Soil Science (USNC/SS), the professional group representing soil scientists within the United States.

As a standing committee of the National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine, the USNC/SS advises the National Academies and identifies relevant issues through collaboration with professional societies and organizations. The Committee also represents the U.S. to the International Union of Soil Sciences, which promotes all branches of the soil sciences and their applications worldwide.

A specialist in soils, Pallud researches how different chemical species move and change in soil, sediment, and water. Her lab employs a multidisciplinary approach to soil science, combining field measurements, laboratory testing, reactive transport modeling, and elemental budget analysis to predict how natural systems respond to changing conditions. 

Learn more about the U.S. National Committee on Soil Science at their website.