The Department of Environmental Science, Policy, and Management admits students for the Fall semester only. Applications for admission to the 2021 Fall semester will be available online at the Graduate Admissions Website  on September 15, 2022. We accept only online applications. Submission of a paper application will be accepted only under extreme circumstances and with prior departmental approval. The application and all supporting materials (transcripts, letters of recommendation), with the exception of TOEFL scores, must be submitted by 8:59 pm Pacific Standard Time on December 1, 2022. Your application will not be reviewed until all materials have been submitted.  

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 Application Deadlines and Information

  • Graduate Application: December 1, 2022  8:59pm Pacific Standard Time
  • Institution Code: 4833
  • TOEFL Department Code 40
  • More information about language proficiency found here
  • Fee waiver eligibility.


 Application for Graduate Admission

The Application and all supporting materials, including TOEFL scores, must be received by December 1, 2022 at 8:59PM PST. Your application will not be reviewed until all materials have been submitted.

Faculty Sponsorship We require you to list at least one faculty member and suggest that you list no more than four faculty members with whom you would like to serve as your faculty sponsor. List in order of preference and briefly explain your reasons. We highly recommend that you begin conversations with prospective faculty advisors via email although this is not required. See Academic Divisions and Graduate Students to determine which ESPM faculty members are doing research that particularly relates to your own interests and aspirations. Please note that faculty members may not be able to respond before the application deadline; this will not affect your application.  All applications, regardless of whether faculty respond before the application deadline (December 1) will be read and evaluated by our admissions committees.  Note: Your offer of admission will state which faculty members will initially chair your program of graduate study. This will not affect opportunities to work with other faculty as committee members or in coursework. 

Letters of Recommendation Three letters of recommendation are required. You will be asked to submit the names of your recommenders as part of the on-line application. We strongly recommend that you use UC Berkeley’s on-line letter of recommendation system. When seeking recommendations, please allow sufficient time for the letter to reach us by the December 1st application deadline.​ Please contact the Graduate Student Affairs Officers with any questions or problems.

Prospective students must include a (1) research statement and (2) personal and diversity statement with their application.

A Research statement should discuss goals, research interests, current and prior research/work experience, and how your interests/career goals can be developed with a PhD from ESPM. Statements should be a maximum of two pages. For more information please see Please note that the Research statement is listed as the Statement of Purpose on the Graduate Admissions online portal.

A personal and diversity statement should discuss personal motivations for pursuing a PhD from ESPM and, importantly, discuss personal and/or leadership experiences advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion. ESPM is committed to advancing diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) at all levels. The personal and diversity statements should address personal goals to integrate and further these values and any leadership experiences relevant to DEI. Statements should be a maximum of two pages. For more information please see Please note that the personal and diversity statement is listed as the Personal History Statement on the Graduate Admissions online portal.

Final Decision on Acceptance Once all application materials are received, the ESPM Admissions Committee will review your application and then make recommendations for acceptance to the Dean of the Graduate Division. The final decision on admission acceptance is made by the Dean of the Graduate Division. We will notify you of your acceptance by late March.

No GREs are evaluated in the application process. 

Fees Applying to Berkeley for grad school requires an application fee of $120 if you are a US citizen or US permanent resident, and $140 otherwise. US citizens, US permanent residents, and AB540 students can apply to waive this application fee if (i) they demonstrate financial need or (ii) they have taken part in specific programs that qualify for a fee waiver. Financial need is determined by either (i) Estimated Family Contribution (EFC) on your Student Aid Report; or (ii) by the Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) on your tax return. For full details, please see 

Helpful information on submitting your application can be found at Graduate Admissions

ESPM Department is committed to Equity + Inclusion.