Graduate Students

Graduate Students
Lucy Andrews's picture
water management, climate change adaptation, dams, stream restoration, environmental flows, freshwater science, cooperative extension
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unmanned aerial vehicles, wetland restoration, improving conservation efforts
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wildfire ecology, disturbance ecology
Miswa Basil's picture
Environmental cooperation, environmental peacebuilding, local governance and climate policy, East Africa.
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Landscape genetics/genomics, ecological genomics, spatial analysis
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disease ecology, plant pathogen evolution
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Environmental humanities, critical disability studies, critical disaster studies, human geography
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Resilience of Social-Ecological Rangeland Systems
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My work intersects multispecies studies, critical race theories, science and technology studies, disability theories, and feminist and critical agrarian studies.
Ataya Cesspooch's picture
Critical Indigenous studies, Indigenous sovereignty & resurgence, Indigenous language revitalization, environmental justice, energy infrastructure
Vera L. Chang's picture
Labor and human rights, supply chains governance, sustainability transitions, critical food studies, environmental and social justice, visual ethnography and photojournalism
Emily Chen's picture
Population dynamics, fisheries management, ecological modeling, salmon ecology
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Margot Jeanne Cohen's picture
critical climate studies; feminist political ecology; feminist STS; decolonial geographies; anti-colonial methodologies; participatory research; relational organizing; critical pedagogy
Marianne Cowherd's picture
snow hydrology, wildland fire
Mairi Creedon's picture
political ecologies and economies of food, cultural foodways, mariculture (marine aquaculture), ocean governance, food sovereignty, access and property rights, participatory methods, multi-species justice
Katherine Culbertson's picture
ecosystem restoration, tropical rainforest ecology, ecosystem services
Pranjal Dwivedi's picture
Soil biogeochemistry, soil carbon, land-use change, redox chemistry
Kenzo Emiliano Esquivel's picture
Agroecology, soil health, socio-ecological systems, sustainability transitions
Cesar O. Estien's picture
urban ecology, environmental justice and health, social-ecological dynamics, human-wildlife interactions and management, behavioral ecology, equity
Chloe Faehndrich's picture
land use change, biogeochemical cycling, land-atmosphere interactions, climate dynamics, remote sensing, modeling
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Amy Fingerle's picture
Pacific salmon, life-history diversity, freshwater ecology, the Klamath Basin, Indigenous fisheries management
Em Finkelstine's picture
comparative political economy, energy transition, Chinese politics, climate change policy
Raphaela Floreani Buzbee's picture
California botany, vegetation ecology, climate change, conservation and stewardship, geophytes
Alexis Flores (she/her)'s picture
One Health, public health, zoonoses and disease dynamics, human-wildlife interactions, urban ecology, environmental justice, racial and social justice, police and prison abolition
Tosin Folorunso's picture
Sustainable Fashion, Textile waste management, circular economy.
Jesus Alejandro Garcia A.'s picture
Political ecology, Critical agrarian studies, Environmental Justice, Infrastructure, Rivers.
Jacob Gorneau's picture
Evolutionary biology, conservation, & museum-based biodiversity of arachnids
Delfina Grinspan's picture
agroecology, plant-soil-microbe interactions, soil biogeochemistry
Maggie Grundler's picture
natural history, evolutionary ecology, ecological speciation, dietary specialization, niche evolution, herpetology
Sierra Hampton's picture
Indigenous Sovereignty, Food Sovereignty, Agroecology, Seed Sovereignty, Indigenous Environmental Studies, International Indigenous Rights
Amelia Harvey's picture
Pollinator conservation and social insect behavior.
Leke Hutchins's picture
Conservation biology, agroecology, Hawaiian food sovereignty
Andrew Johnson's picture
Wildland fire science and forest management
Michelle Katuna's picture
Collaboration between Native and non-Native peoples on land stewardship in Sonoma and Marin Counties and beyond.
Firefighter Type 2 (FFT2) + Red Card
Abby Keller's picture
decision theory, population dynamics, ecological modeling
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Sara Khosrowshahi Asl's picture
Seth Avram LaRosa's picture
Cannabis policy in California, the United States and internationally.
Specifically how prohibition policies affect inequality, indigenous sovereignty, rural poverty, migrant labor, alternative food systems, and prison pipelines.
Kyle Leathers's picture
freshwater ecology, food webs, environmental stressors, macroinvertebrates
Cedric Lee's picture
Chilopods, Entomology, Systematics, Phylogenetics, Biodiversity
Patrick Lee's picture
Plant Disease Ecology, Plant Community Ecology, Host-Pathogen Interactions
Robin D. López's picture
Water, Climate, Soils, Science Justice, Hydrology, Hydrogeology, Science Education, Science Communication, High Latitude Ecosystems, Ecohydrolgy, Ecology, Environmental Justice
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Sebastien Malo's picture
political economy, climate change, emissions mitigation, political science
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Jaye Mejia-Duwan's picture
queer ecology; environmental racism; environmental disability justice; feminist political ecologies; queer geographies; anti-racist ethnographic methods
Rose Mohammadi's picture
freshwater ecology, food webs, riparian ecohydrology, plant ecophysiology
Sangcheol Moon's picture
global environmental governance, political economy of waste, plastic waste, industrial decarbonization, sustainability transitions
Jessie Moravek's picture
Freshwater research and conservation; hydropower development; salmon conservation
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Corrina Munger's picture
forest management, wildfire behavior, silviculture, California forest management policy
Ngoc Nguyen's picture
Ecosystem Respiration, Carbon Cycle Modeling, Eddy Covariance, Remote Sensing
Sasha Nikolaeva's picture
Forest management in Russia
Redwood Genetics
Miguel Alejandro Ochoa's picture
agroecology, diversified food systems, rural development, commodity markets, farm labor, drought ecology
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Ashlyn Olah's picture
Remote sensing, GIS, fire ecology, forest ecology, forest management
Daniel Oliveira's picture
Ecological genomics, adaptation, distribution modeling, spatial analysis, conservation biology
Megan Pagliaro's picture
Estuarine ecology, tidal marsh restoration, food web ecology, stable isotope analysis
Evan Patrick's picture
Forest change, livelihoods, critical development studies, smallholder climate adaptation, Guatemala
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Crossley Pinkstaff's picture
water and land resource allocation; gender and wellbeing; international development policy
Yarong Qi's picture
Microbial ecology
Microbial energetics
Mineral-Microbe interface
Benji Reade Malagueño's picture
Water justice, agricultural trade, political economy, rural development, political ecology of water, data science, GIS, Chile
Ryan Reed's picture
Indigenous Management, Cultural Fire, Proactive Management, Decolonization, Younger Generations and Diversity in Fire Spaces
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Daniela Rodriguez-Chavez's picture
Valle Rogers's picture
Biocontrol of Invasive Insects and Weeds
Eric Romero's picture
Ecosystem ecology, carbon cycling, and remote sensing
Kieren Rudge's picture
Environmental Justice; Climate Change Adaptation; U.S. Territories; Critical Race Theory; Decolonization; Critical Pacific Island Studies
Sophie Ruehr's picture
Carbon and water cycling; terrestrial ecosystems; hydrology; plant-water dynamics; biometeorology; remote sensing
Rachael Ryan's picture
freshwater ecology; conservation; salmon life-history; population diversity
Edoardo Scali's picture
forest pathology, host-pathogen interaction, fungal genomics, computational biology, evolution.
Natasha Shannon's picture
critical agrarian studies, political ecology, rural sociology, environmental social sciences
agrifood systems, rural development, regenerative agriculture, Appalachia, agrifood tech, financialization
Avery Shawler's picture
carnivore-livestock conflict, predator-prey interaction, migration & movement ecology, working lands conservation, interdisciplinary research, qualitative methods
. Sheherazade's picture
conservation science and policy; wildlife trade and hunting; community-based approach; bat ecology
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Deibi Sibrian's picture
Cryptonocene, political ecology, energy transitions, land, displacement, health (community & ecology), critical environmental justice, critical Indigenous studies, indigenous rights/sovereignty, food sovereignty, interdisciplinary mixed methods
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Preston Tasoff's picture
Microbial Ecology
Rosario Torres's picture
Indigenous archaeology, Paleoethnobotany, gender in archaeology, eco-archaeology, Settler-colonialism, Community-Based Participatory Research, California
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tropical ecology, forest landscape restoration, biodiversity conservation, rural livelihoods, agroforestry
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My main motivation is developing solutions that help reduce human impacts on the Patagonian steppe, with a specific focus on human-wildlife coexistence in a rapidly changing world. Before starting my master’s at UC Berkeley, I worked with Wildlife Conservation Society – Argentina in different projects involving the implementation of nonlethal deterrents and the study of activity patterns of carnivores, prey species, and livestock in northern Patagonia, in an area with intense conflict with livestock production.
Melissa von Mayrhauser's picture
Freshwater ecology, watershed management, urban river restoration, community-driven science, flow regimes
Rachel Weinberg's picture
Population genetics and evolutionary ecology of colonial and eusocial organisms; evolution and diversity of self/nonself recognition systems
Erin Westeen's picture
phenotypic evolution, comparative biology, evolutionary ecology, herpetology
Alder Wheeler's picture
Social/Community Forestry, Queer and Disabled Ecologies, Critical Natural Histories, Field Courses, Feminist Science and Technology Studies
Tyus D. Williams's picture
Carnivore ecology, spatial ecology, human-wildlife conflict, species competition, urban ecology, movement patterns, predation dynamics, community ecology, socio-ecological dynamics
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Soil biogeochemistry; ecosystem ecology, biological soil crusts, landscape ecology
Mei Zhang 张玫's picture
Revitalizing the Ancient Tea Horse Trail in China
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