Postdoctoral Researchers

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Postdoctoral Fellow
Environmental sociology, economic sociology, sociology of agriculture, agroecology, political ecology, agriculture and food systems, gender, race and ethnicity, qualitative methods, mixed methods, inter-disciplinary methods.
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Marine biodiversity and biogeography
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Soil biodiversity and ecosystem functioning, Agricultural sustainability
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Diabetes, Obesity, Diabetes Technology, Psychosomatic Medicine, Psychiatry. While I have done most of my research in Italy, I am embarking on projects in the U.S. and the Pacific Islands.
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Social Insects, Chemical Communication, Recognition Systems
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Response and biophysical regulation of biosphere-atmosphere scalar and energy exchanges
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Atmospheric Chemistry
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Working conditions in agriculture, Agroecology, Food systems, Alternative food movements, Agricultural transitions toward sustainability
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forest ecology, invasion biology, conservation biology, and quantitative methods in ecology
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political ecology, agrarian studies, digital geography, political economy of development, feminist theory, participatory methods, critical ethnography, Myanmar, Southeast Asia
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Climate change politics and policy, long-term policymaking, comparative political economy, high-income democracies
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Fisheries-induced evolution; Fish behavior
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bacterial evolution and ecology, host-microbe interactions
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protected areas, natural conservation, environmental history
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Atmospheric chemistry
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Ecosystem Ecology, Landscape Ecology, Hydrology, Climate Change
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yanglin at
Ecosystem ecology, biogeochemistry, and applied spatial statistics
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atmospheric chemistry; indoor air chemistry.
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Environmental Biotechnology, Chalcogen, Biogeochemical cycle of Chalcogen, Bioremediation and Bio-recovery of valuable metals, Nano-ecotoxicology, Fate and speciation of nanoparticles in natural environment
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Wildlife ecology and conservation, socio-ecological complexities of human-wildlife conflict, predator-prey interactions, decision support tools for stakeholders
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Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, Air Quality (Outdoor and Indoor), Chemical Biology, Chemical Ecology, Plant Physiology, Mass Spectrometry, Climate Change, Volatile Organic Compounds, Aerosol Precursors, Photooxidation, Aircraft measurements, Eddy Covariance, Air Pollution, Human Exposure to VOC and Health Risk Assessment
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Soil biogeochemistry and microbial ecology
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Ecology and evolution of freshwater fishes
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tropical ecosystem ecology, global change, soils, forest ecology, ecosystem services
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Freshwater ecology; Intermittent streams; Socio-ecosystems
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Using biominerals to answer questions about fish spatial ecology, life history diversity, population structure and management.
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Waste to Energy; Bioenergy with Carbon, Capture, and Storage; Life Cycle and Techno-Economic Analysis; Chemical Looping; Multi-criteria Decision Making
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Controllability; Neutral Theory; Universality; Resilience
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Atmospheric Chemistry, Biosphere-Atmosphere Interactions, Ecosystem Ecology, Eddy Covariance, Biogeochemical Cycling, Climate Change
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Ecological Modelling
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Soil microbial ecology, soil biogeochemistry, soil organic matter, climate change
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Host-microbe interactions, population genetics, population genomics, fish biology, coevolution, life-histories, maternal and paternal effects, carotenoids.
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Agricultural entomology, agroecology, biological control, integrated pest management, landscape ecology, trophic ecology, political economy of agricultural development
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Biometeorology, Biosphere-Atmosphere Exchange, Ecosystem Ecology, Climate Change, Drought
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Impacts of aerosols on global radiative balance and human health; Environmental justice; Air pollution; Air quality engineering; Atmospheric chemistry; Mass spectrometry methods and instrument development; Atmospheric carbon cycling and radical budgets
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Soil microbial ecology, terrestrial nutrient cycle, rhizosphere biology, climate change
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applied insect ecology; integrated pest management; ecological risk analysis; invasion biology; disease ecology; agricultural sociology
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