Organisms and Environment

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Ecology of emerging insect-borne plant diseases and insect-microbe interactions
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Biological control agro-ecology
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Theoretical ecology, ecoinformatics, modeling, data science, resilience, early warning signals, decision theory
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agroecology, soil ecology and biogeochemistry, plant-soil-microbe interactions
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Social Insects, Chemical Communication, Recognition Systems
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Pesticide chemistry and toxicology
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Control of insect pests in agricultural crops
Biological Control and Sustainable Agriculture
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Ecological modeling, computational statistics, population ecology
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Neuroethology, behavioral ecology, and evolutionary biology of arthropods
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Entomology, Ants
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Urban entomology
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Population modeling epidemiology and resource wildlife management
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Evolutionary ecology, systematics, spider biology, conservation
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Conservation Biology, Pollination, Agroecology, Entomology
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Natural products chemistry
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Medical entomology, parasitology, tick-borne diseases
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Biology and management of structural and household pests
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Invasive species, Biological control, Population ecology, Entomology/Insect biology
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Tropical ecology of humans and non-human primates diet parasite-host interactions
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Mathematical biology and biophysics
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Evolutionary Biology; Entomology; Genetics; Transcriptomics; Metabolomics
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Systematic entomology
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Aquatic Biology, Water Pollution, Modeling, Entomology
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global change, invasive species, biodiversity, genomic observatories, environmental science, sustainability
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Evolutionary ecology, speciation and extinction, ecological genomics, herpetology, global change biology
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Freshwater ecology, biodiversity conservation, community ecology, global change
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Insect neurophysiology
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Genetics, behavior, and chemical ecology of social insects
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Pest management of deciduous fruit, nut, and vine crops.
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Carabid beetles/ Insect Systematics
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Forest entomology and chemical ecology