Holmes Lab: Critical Studies in Food, Health & Environment

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Medical anthropology, transnational im/migration and refugeeism, critical food studies, racialization and racism, gender and queer theory, naturalization and normalization of social and health inequalities, Latin America, the United States, and Europe.
I advise graduate students who utilize ethnographic methods and social theory often related to one or more of the following: social and political inequities, health and health care, transnational im/migration and/or refugeeism, critical food studies. If you are interested in working with me, please read this profile page closely and look at some of my work.
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Medical anthropology, statelessness, carceral biopolitics, criminality and abolition, migrant and refugee health, structural vulnerability, critical global health, peasant and rural studies, health social movements
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Central American & Mexican im/migration, deportation, critical food studies, trafficking, social movements, im/migration law, border theory
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biomedical practice (particularly the fields of oncology and psychiatry); youth and adolescence; the family and kinship; education and learning; houselessness and mental illness
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workplace violence, safety/security studies, critical race theory, health social movements
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Migrant health, immigration rights, deportation, incarceration, structural competency, food access, environmental justice, qualitative analysis
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Medical anthropology, biomedicine, health disparities, structural vulnerability, colonialism & postcolonialism, racialization & racism, subjectivity, the human body, sociality, & social movements