Society and Environment

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International and rural resource development; public policy and international rural development; water resources and public policy; African natural resources and development; river basin development and conservation; pastoralism and development,
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political economy of development, historical and feminist political ecology, critical food and agrarian studies, African studies, Tanzania, feminist theory, critical ethnography, visual methods
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Sociology of agriculture, rural livelihoods, farmland access and tenure, farmland financialization, the agriculture of the middle, agroecological/diversified farming systems, terroir, participatory mapping, the agri-food tech sector
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Natural resource sociology, political ecology, rural development, gender
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Ethics, history, politics, rural development
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Forest economics and management, wildfire protection planning
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Medical anthropology, transnational im/migration and refugeeism, critical food studies, racialization and racism, gender and queer theory, naturalization and normalization of social and health inequalities, Latin America, the United States, and Europe.
I advise graduate students who utilize ethnographic methods and social theory often related to one or more of the following: social and political inequities, health and health care, transnational im/migration and/or refugeeism, critical food studies. If you are interested in working with me, please read this profile page closely and look at some of my work.
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Native American food systems, food sovereignty, Native American environmental health movements, heirloom seeds, Indigenous uses of fire, Native American museum curation, community based participatory research, environmental justice, food justice
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Rangeland conservation and management:
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Chemicals policy and politics (including green chemistry, chemicals testing, biomonitoring) II sustainable food systems (including agroecology, policies for diversified farming systems, food sovereignty) II environmental STS II sustainability transitions II sustainability learning and societal change
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Postcolonial theory and development studies, environmental justice and critical race theory, and science and technology studies
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climate policy, energy policy, political economy
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Environmental history, philosophy and ethics
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Race and class determinants of the distribution of health risks associated with air pollution among diverse communities in the United States.
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Global environmental politics and governance, global political economy, wastes, waste trade and the circular economy, climate change politics, activism and social movements
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Environmental justice, globalization, industrial ecology, labor
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political ecology, Indonesia, resource policy and politics, forest and agrarian change, property and access
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Natural resource and environmental policy
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Building equitable, economically viable and culturally relevant food systems in metropolitan areas that contribute to healthy communities, ecological diversity and sustainable livelihoods.
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Disability studies; queer and crip theories; ableism; animal studies/ethics; interspecies; interdependence and theories of care; environmental humanities; ecofeminism; environmental justice; capitalism and inequality; work and labor