The majority of business and financial services are now handled through the Campus Shared Services (CSS) unit. Contact CSS

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To purchase an item or supplies To pay a vendor



Purchasing from a vendor is done through BearBuy; examples of vendors include The Faculty Club, Yali's, Berkeley City Club, moving companies, etc. Entertainment and Event Authorization form may be required for some transactions

Campus Shared Services (CSS) will obtain and verify the required data, create the requisition, and communicate with you (the requester) to complete the transaction

Reimbursement for an expense (other than Travel and/or Entertainment)

BearBuy Expenses may include out-of-pocket purchase of supplies, etc.

CSS will obtain and verify the required data, create the requisition, and communicate with you (the requestor) to complete the transaction.

Travel and Entertainment (T&E) Reimbursement: e.g. business-related travel for faculty, student field study, staff, and hosted guests; reimbursement for entertainment; reimbursement for new faculty (out of pocket relocation costs); car rentals for courses/field trips

BearBuy Upload all required documents to BearBuy, including the required signatures(s). See tutorials to the left.


CSS will process all payment/reimbursement requests.


If you have questions, please contact Campus Shared Services at (510) 664-9000.

A business contract


The Business Contracts Office (BCO) reviews, drafts, negotiates, and executes business contracts for UC Berkeley on behalf of The Regents of the University of California (UC Regents).

A recharge - (click on Campus Shared Services link at the top)

CSS will provide recharge (IOC billing transactions and reconciliation, prepare recharge journals, prepare statements, and communicate with you (the requestor) to complete the transaction

To make travel arrangements: e.g. all airfare, Amtrak, hotel reservations (note: only reservations are taken), car rentals

Note that travel is NOT handled through CSS. More information can be found on the Berkeley Travel Services page.

To contact Campus Shared Services (CSS), do one of the following:

  1. Submit a ticket at (click on 'Campus Shared Services' link at the top) - fastest method
  2. Email
  3. Call 510-664-9000, option 2