Ecosystem Sciences

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Rangeland ecology and management, Plant community ecology
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Pedology isotope biogeochemistry, impact of climate and life on earth processes, soils in biogeochemical cycles, human impacts on soils and ecosystems
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biometeorology, biosphere-atmosphere trace gas fluxes, ecosystem ecology, climate change
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Geomicrobiology, environmental biogeochemistry, microbial community ecology and evolution
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Rangeland ecology and management
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Forest Ecology and Ecosystem Dynamics
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Conservation, behavioral and population ecology
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Forest Biometrics and Remote Sensing


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Wildlife Ecology, Conservation and Socioeconomics
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Fungal molecular evolution and ecology
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Land systems science, conservation, environmental economics and policy, coupled human natural systems, GIS applications
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Fish ecology, freshwater ecology, evolutionary ecology
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Microbial Ecology
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Forest and fuel management, landscape fire ecology, historical ecology
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Ecohydrology; Surface Hydrology; Ecosystem Ecology; Aeolian Processes; Desertification; Stochastic, Nonlinear Environmental Dynamics; Water and Food Security
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Physiological plant ecology, stable isotope biogeochemistry
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Tree genetics and systematics
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Ecosystem & landscape ecology, remote sensing, spatial analysis, biodiversity, wetlands, urban ecosystems
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Soil Microbial Ecology
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Climate change biogeochemical cycles
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Forest pathology, forest mycology, forest and tree management
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Hydrologic response and interaction between natural and human driven processes, land surface remote sensing and multi-sensor, -spectrum, -resolution data assimilation; hydrology contribution to sea level change, snow hydrology.
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Biogeochemistry, atmospheric chemistry
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Remote Sensing and GIS
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Freshwater ecology, stream hydrology, climate risk assessment
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Systems ecology biological control
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Global change, ecosystem ecology, biodiversity
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Rangeland conservation and management:
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Ecosystem dynamics; carbon and water cycling; ecophysiology; vegetation states, rates and traits; biogeochemistry; micrometeorology; atmospheric science; mathematics and data science
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GIS and remote sensing, historical ecology, drones, spatial data science
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Environmental geochemistry, crystal growth, mineral-fluid and fluid-fluid interfacial processes, contaminant transport
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Conservation Science
Climate Stewardship
Climate-wise Habitat Connectivity
Working Lands Conservation
Community Science
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Soil & environmental biogeophysics, fate & transport of contaminants
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forest management, nature-based climate solutions, ecosystem services, plantation agriculture, land use planning, land use policy, biodiversity conservation, tropical ecology, environmental economics
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Atmospheric science: stratospheric ozone depletion, air quality and greenhouse gases. Trace gas biogeochemistry of halocarbons, hydrocarbons and reduced sulfur compounds. Biosphere-atmosphere flux measurements in natural and human-impacted landscapes. Education development in ocean, climate and atmospheric sciences.
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carbon dioxide removal, bioenergy, California forests, climate policy, energy systems modeling
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Urban ecology, animal behavior, endocrine mechanisms, human-wildlife conflict, social-ecological systems, environmental justice, mammalogy
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Wildlife conservation, human impacts on wildlife, wildlife/urban interface
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Ecosystem ecology, biogeochemistry
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soil chemistry, aqueous geochemistry; hydrology of "green water," physics of flow through porous media
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Forest Management
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Wildland fire science, fire ecology, forest ecology, forest policy, forest management
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Climate smart forestry, watershed management, forest management, resource economics
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Oak woodland ecology, human impacts on wildlife
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landscape genetics, ecological and conservation genomics, adaptive radiation
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Forest Ecology, Disturbance Regime Guided Silviculture, Giant Sequoia restoration, Prescribed burning, Pyrosilviculture