Ecosystem Sciences

Rangeland ecology and management, Plant community ecology
Pedology isotope biogeochemistry, impact of climate and life on earth processes, soils in biogeochemical cycles, human impacts on soils and ecosystems
biometeorology, biosphere-atmosphere trace gas fluxes, ecosystem ecology, climate change
Geomicrobiology, environmental biogeochemistry, microbial community ecology and evolution
Rangeland ecology and management
Forest Ecology and Ecosystem Dynamics
Conservation, behavioral and population ecology
Forest Biometrics and Remote Sensing


Wildlife Ecology, Conservation and Socioeconomics
Fungal molecular evolution and ecology
Land systems science, conservation, environmental economics and policy, coupled human natural systems, GIS applications
Fish ecology, freshwater ecology, evolutionary ecology
Microbial Ecology
Ecohydrology; Surface Hydrology; Ecosystem Ecology; Aeolian Processes; Desertification; Stochastic, Nonlinear Environmental Dynamics; Water and Food Security
Physiological plant ecology, stable isotope biogeochemistry
Tree genetics and systematics
Soil Microbial Ecology
Climate change biogeochemical cycles
Forest pathology, forest mycology, forest and tree management
Biogeochemistry, atmospheric chemistry
Remote Sensing and GIS
Freshwater ecology, stream hydrology, climate risk assessment
Systems ecology biological control
Global change, ecosystem ecology, biodiversity
Rangeland conservation and management:
GIS and remote sensing, historical ecology, drones, spatial data science
Environmental geochemistry, crystal growth, mineral-fluid and fluid-fluid interfacial processes, contaminant transport
Conservation biology
Community Science
Stand dynamics silviculture forest management
Soil & environmental biogeophysics, fate & transport of contaminants
forest management, biofuels, plantation agriculture, land use planning, land use policy, biodiversity conservation, ecosystem services, tropical ecology, environmental economics
Atmospheric science: stratospheric ozone depletion, air quality and greenhouse gases. Trace gas biogeochemistry of halocarbons, hydrocarbons and reduced sulfur compounds. Biosphere-atmosphere flux measurements in natural and human-impacted landscapes. Education development in ocean, climate and atmospheric sciences.
carbon dioxide removal, energy systems modeling, bioenergy, climate policy
Wildlife conservation, human impacts on wildlife, wildlife/urban interface
Ecosystem ecology, biogeochemistry
soil chemistry, aqueous geochemistry; hydrology of "green water," physics of flow through porous media
Forest Management
Wildland fire science, fire ecology, forest ecology, forest policy, forest management
Watershed management, forest management, resource economics
Oak woodland ecology, human impacts on wildlife
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landscape genetics, landscape ecology, ecological and conservation genomics
Forest Ecology, Disturbance Regime Guided Silviculture, Giant Sequoia restoration, Prescribed burning, Pyrosilviculture